Strategic Marketing Webinar: Winning the Battle for Markets and Share

  • May 15, 2018
  • 6:00PM- 8:30PM
  • Mount Sinai- 1111 Amsterdam Ave NY, NY 10025

HLNY and the Southern California ACHE chapter (HCE) have collaborated to bring you the “State of Healthcare—Exploring Ideas & Connecting the Chapters”, an exciting new education series featuring dialogues on the regional differences in healthcare. How does it work? Attend a local event with our regional health care executives and interact in real-time with veteran healthcare leader from another state through video conferencing. Seasoned executives, multiple perspectives, two states, one location – and receive Face-to-Face credits. Can’t be there in-person? – get Qualified Credits by watching the event on your computer via the wrap-around webinar.

1.5 Face-to-Face credits will be offered at this event

In today’s competitive healthcare marketplace, a strategy for offering your products and services in a way that will outdistance your competitors is critical. However, in concert with defining the marketing strategy you must also have a well defined methodology for implementation that contains a relevant and consistent message. Further, it is of little value to have a strategy and a message without the resources or the expertise to implement them.

In the process of creating a marketing strategy you must consider many factors including, but not limited to, the Four P’s of Marketing: Product, Place, Price and Promotion. A well-conceived marketing plan that is in concert with your strategic plan and the time and resources to put it in motion are the necessary elements to increase market share and support financial success. Of those many factors, some are more important than others. Because each strategy must address some unique considerations, it is not reasonable to identify ‘every’ important factor at a generic level. However, many are common to all marketing strategies. Some of the more critical are described below.

You begin the creation of your strategy by deciding what the overall objective of your enterprise should be. In general this falls into one of four categories:

If the market is very attractive but your enterprise is one of the weaker ones in the industry you must concentrate on strengthening the enterprise, using your offering as a stepping stone toward this objective.



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