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ACHE Regent-at-Large

The purpose of the Regents-at-Large is to promote diversity in the governance of ACHE with respect to race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, or disability. In this role, the Regent-at-Large promotes the vision, mission and values of ACHE by fostering the diversity of ACHE’s leadership through programs developed to assist Regents (both Geographic and Federal Sector) increase the diversity of chapter and ACHE leadership and volunteer corps and by being a visible and diverse voice in the ACHE governance structure.

The Regent-at-Large is expected to be well-informed about the policies, programs and services of ACHE through active participation in these activities and to be visible and active in the healthcare community.

Duties and Expectations:

  • ACHE Governance
    • 1.1. Serve on and attend the annual meeting of the Council of Regents, including the Regents Leadership Conference and district meetings, as scheduled
    • 1.2. Provide advice and counsel to the Board of Governors, as requested.
    • 1.3. Recommend members to serve on ACHE committees and task forces, as requested.
    • 1.4. Encourage and mentor potential candidates for Regent-at-Large.
  1. Diversity Leadership

    • 2.1. Serve as an advisor to the Regents of his/her assigned District in fostering greater diversity in chapter and ACHE leadership by:
      • 2.1.1. Reaching out to the Regents in his/her assigned District to identify ways that greater diversity in ACHE membership and leadership could be achieved;
      • 2.1.2. Working with other Regents-at-Large, the Regents in his/her assigned District and ACHE staff to develop and implement programs to facilitate greater diversity; and
      • 2.1.3. Assessing the impact of these programs for possible replication.
  2. Communication and Visibility
    • 3.1. Be available, on an individual basis, to members and volunteer leaders for consultation and advice regarding diversity in healthcare management, as requested.
    • 3.2. Promote advancement and serve as a reference and/or interviewer for Members in the process of advancement to Fellow status.
    • 3.3. Present up to the authorized number of Regent’s Awards each year.
    • 3.4. Assist members with accessing the appropriate programs, products and services of ACHE, including career development services.
  3. Attendance and Participation
    • 4.1. Register and attend ACHE’s Congress on Healthcare Leadership.
      • 4.1.1. Governance-related functions include a District Meeting, the Regents Leadership Conference, Council of Regents Meeting, Annual Membership Meeting, Regents Recognition Dinner, Convocation Ceremony and a Regent-at-Large Planning Session.
      • 4.1.2. Congress functions include attendance at educational sessions, luncheons, and various receptions (tuition is waived).
    • 4.2. Attend the Fall District Meeting, Chapter Leaders Conference and two District teleconferences each year.
    • 4.3. Attend up to two teleconference meetings of the Regents-at-Large each year.
    • 4.4. Attend an ACHE conference or seminar each year (tuition is waived), as feasible.
    • 4.5. Serve as an example to ACHE members by making a meaningful annual tax-deductible contribution to the ACHE Foundation’s Fund for Innovation in Healthcare Leadership.

Financial Support:

Regents-at-Large of ACHE will be reimbursed for reasonable, actual expenses incurred when traveling to the Fall District Meeting and will be given an allocation at the beginning of the year to cover additional expenses incurred while conducting official ACHE business.

Eligibility Criteria:

Fellow of ACHE in good standing who is diverse with respect to race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, or disability.

Recommended Knowledge, Skills and Experience

  • Knowledge of the programs, products and services of ACHE, the programs of the Institute for Diversity in Health Management and the diversity affinity organizations;
  • Knowledge of and experience with the development and/or operation of diversity management and leadership development programs;
  • Negotiation, influencing and policy decision/analysis skills; and
  • Personal organizational and planning skills.


Three years

No Regent-at-Large shall be appointed to a consecutive term, except a Regent-at-Large who fills a vacancy for less than two years. He/she shall be eligible for appointment to an immediately succeeding full term.